Mellophotos Photography | NYC a 9/11 Tribute

With some healing time behind us, I feel more comfortable now, sharing these shots I took back in 2002 while walking through NYC during the aftermath of 911..

As I think back on the experience, I was a bit squeamish, humbled, and not exactly thinking "photo OP" so I refrained from shooting some of the more moving scenes- out of respect I guess... but I think I was still able to capture a few poignant scenes as well as the day to day life that had started up again at this point... I personally hadn't looked at these photos for quite some time until today- as I look at them, I remember the feeling I had walking the streets people ran for their lives on... a sobering feeling, but also remember the feelings of hope and brotherhood that I felt as I read the notes scattered about the city... everywhere you looked....
ArtInMuseum.JPGCrossatGroundZero.jpgFunkyBuildings.jpgsacredwalls.jpgImagine2withflash.jpgThePlaza.JPGnumberedtower2.jpgHeartFeltsign2.jpgimpressivebuildings.jpgGroundZero.jpgBrooklynBridge2.JPGBuildingInProgress.jpg2001nyc skyline plaque3.JPGBadgesofLove.jpgFamousBronzemen.jpgGiftofFlowers.jpgMemorialaboveGroundZero.jpgNYstockExchange.jpgsidewalkvendorsatGroundZero.jpgfenceatStPauls2.jpg