Mellophotos Photography | Coordinates Your Family Will Love!

These are some fun examples of coordinated outfits that will work nicely in casual family portraits. However, we usually advise staying AWAY from wide horizontal stripes, crazy bright colors or clothing that will look really dated in the not so far off future... Use this guide for color options... see what colors work well together- maybe take clothing you all own from one store like The Gap that typically falls into the same color schemes, and tend to have the same cohesive "feel."

Mostly, Have fun, be creative and make sure when you hang it in your living room, that the clothing colors FLOW!
Not so boring BluesCrazy combos- skip the bold horizontal stripes though!Cheery Yellow and Grey TrendsCozy and Au NaturalWinter wardrobe...Create a stir in these colors- watch the bright tones though!!Summer's casual stylePerfect ProfessionalSpring has sprung!Plummy BluesNaturally NeutralBeachin' ItNatural NeutralsAutumn Jewel TonesSimple StyleFestive Fall / Winter FunFestive Holiday RedsIn Case of Rain :-)